The artist
 Henk van Hemert

Art for Caring-the art events

My mission is to contribute to well-being through artof society, both business and private, where I often work for charities and people who I think deserve support.

Together with friend Christian Porzia we collected the money by selling Art required for a better life of the streetchildren who were abused in Nepal and India.


EOTF with Mdm Makaba president's wife of Tanzania for a better world of 

the African women. EOTF is the parent organization of the Kibaha Children's Village Centre. It is a Tanzanian registered, non-governmental, charitable organization. ETOF was founded in 1997 by Tanzania’s former First Lady, Mama Anna Mkapa



Art exhibitions for the good cause of projects in Tanzania and Gambia



A group of Gambian artist who followed his marketing course for Artist in the Kombo Hotel in Kotu. Objective : selling art for the building schools for Children in the Gambia.



40 paintings were made after  listening to the story told by his artist friend Christian Porzia. Christian wrote music based upon the written story of the dead of his brother.  A videoclip was created in which the 40 paintings were integrated.Each sentence of the song represented a painting so that the message became stronger. 

Profit of the videoclip,CD and the art selling went to a good cause.