The artist
 Henk van Hemert

Some examples of  his creative workshops 

Workshops are organized  in order to help companies or private persons  to determine their business or private goals.  Art can be a help in this process. It stimulate the participants to think about their own private objectives and or the objectives of  the company .

Participants of the workshop "Creative thinking "at the High Tech  Campus in Eindhoven.

Working and painting with teachers of some Dutch high schools Theme : how to bring Innovation and Technical people together.

The result of a workshop "Meer samen ,samen meer " with the police.
Theme: Drugs,safety, etc. Paintings made during the workshop has been combined into  one huge painting and used in various marketing communication items as annual report to the ministry and flyers for the consumer.
Besides each policeman got a screenprint of the painting  for his office sothat he remember all the agreements and actions visualized in the painting.

A workshop for a marriage celebration. Painting created by the quest under his quidance . 

Workshops at the Evoluon in Eindhoven with boys & girls of the age between 17/18 years old

Innovation game with high gifted boys and girls.

An explanation of the process so that this workshop is the beginning of a better communication and cooperation. Often the creation of Art together is the solution to recognise the mutual internal communication problems inside a company.